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Kevin O'Brien

President & CEO



“Tab is one of the best things to ever happen to my business!"


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Driving Success for Committed Entrepreneurs and Leaders


TAB-Austin offers a range of time-tested programs, each specifically tailored to the specific needs of chief executives, owners, seasoned managers and professional service providers. All TAB programs enable members to transcend daily tactical and operational issues and to reap the benefits of other leaders' perspectives, experience and knowledge. TAB members consistently outperform their competition through exposure to a diverse range of content, insight and advice. By virtue of TAB’s proprietary Peer Learning process, members give and share wisdom and expertise, learn at an accelerated rate, and offer no-holds-barred advice in pursuit of helping each other to prosper and get to the next level.


TAB members are selected through an intensive interview and screening process. This ensures that each individual is targeted to a program and group that is most appropriate for his or her requirements and personal situation. Only the most qualified candidates are selected for membership. If you are interested in applying for membership, please contact TAB today.