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What TAB Members Say


"As one of the fastest technology companies in the nation, TAB provided me with valuable insight from my peers that helped me navigate through the various business issues that confronted us.  Every small growing company owner will find that TAB addresses the key strategic issues we deal with everyday."

- Tommy Wald, President & CEO, Riata Technologies


"The TAB meetings serve as an excellent sounding board for obtaining alternative methods in dealing with problems I encounter in operating and growing my business."

- Samir "Sam" G. Hanna, President, Surveying and Mapping, Inc.


“I joined The Alternative Board when my business was just two years old. It’s one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. TAB saved me thousands of dollars in rookie mistakes.  Through my TAB board, I’ve gained confidence in my business skills as well as my creative skills. Whether you’re building a company and need to do it right or taking a growing company to the next level, you should engage with TAB.”

- Rachel Clemens, Owner, Creative Suitcase


"The benefits of joining The Alternative Board were significant and immediate.  Within my first 90 days of membership, I not only identified, but addressed several issues that would have otherwise been missed due to the day-to-day demands of my business."

- Daryl Rossman, CEO, Merco Manufacturing Company


“As a small business owner, The Alternative Board has provided me the tools to create a business model that is not only sustainable but ripe for growth and reproducibility. In less than 1 year with TAB, we have increased our collections by more than 30% and implemented metrics that gives employees a sense of ownership versus being micro-managed. TAB is a resource with endless possibilities.”
- Bridgett Wallace, President/Owner, 360 Balance


“TAB has without doubt added to my business and personal bottom line. Some of the key initiatives I am driving right now came directly from ideas generated by the board. TAB will help any ambitious business leader find out that you don’t know what you don’t know.”
- Matthew Briggs, President, Four Hands Furniture


"The Alternative Board has helped me develop my business and personal skill set in so many important ways. My business has won awards for our growth several years in a row since joining TAB. I highly recommend a TAB Board for any CEO who wants and is committed to taking his/her company to the next level."
- Dan Steinborn, President/CEO, PrintGlobe


"I value my TAB Board because they consistently help me to understand my business and they hold me accountable to follow through."
- Bruce Der, President, A.H. Lundberg Systems


“As a TAB member I’ve learned the proper procedure for terminating a staff person. I have also been given insight to many business decisions that have helped me properly direct the business. TAB is the consulting backbone for small business.”
- Ted Reynolds, President, TEAM Equipment Leasing


“We are in the consulting business and it is critical to our company's success to understand the problems other business owners face, what keeps them up at night, and how they make decisions.  TAB has helped me better understand how the minds of successful business leaders work and what the trends are in the challenges they face.”
- Steve Baker, President, Business Technology Associates (BTA)


"With TAB my fellow board member's livelihood doesn't depend on their relationship to me, so they are very free to speak their mind. With company meetings you don't have the same freedom. I like the results that come out of TAB."
- Mark McCooey, President, S.E.I. Industries


"At first when I was approached to join TAB, I felt like it was going to be "too expensive" since my business was struggling financially. After I joined, however, it became apparent that I couldn't afford NOT to be a member. In fact, within just a couple of months, I got one tip that saved me an immediate $16,000 and a lot of headaches. Each meeting and coaching session produces new awareness and keeps me on the path that is taking me in the direction I finally need to be on. It's like the MasterCard commercial: Cost of TAB sign up—$X, Cost of monthly membership—$X, Going to sleep each night feeling assured that my business is on the right track, and I have a great support system to back me up—priceless!"
- Catherine Turner, President/CEO, Success Concepts Online


"The structure, discipline, and focus I get from the TAB meetings and preparing for them works its way through the organization and shows up in improved efficiencies, better marketing and improving the bottom line."
- John Buchan, President, Hub Engineering Inc.


"TAB is one of the best things to ever happen to my business!"
- Kevin O'Brien, President & CEO, PetRelocation.com


"Thanks for a really great meeting today - with each meeting I find more
and more value in more and more ways. In addition, the contract with the auto parts manufacturer that I referenced in our meeting came through this morning and was waiting on
my desk for me when I arrived after lunch.  Nice way to cap the day..."

- Dr. Jean George, President, Open Sky Software


"I join my collegues in gratitude for what TAB continues to offer me .... and call me to!"

- Lauri Raymond, President, Sisters & Brothers, Inc.


"Managing a dynamic and growing law firm depends on balancing multiple business priorities.  TAB is a key business tool for me.  The TAB process supports me and holds me accountable for the business performance of our practice."

- Paul Skeith, Managing Partner, Richards Rodriguez & Skeith LLP