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About Us : We et our sights high.

Client Testimonials

Paul Sontag

Account Manager

JMC Products

“The Z Three philosophy of ‘sales facilitator’ pulls together all of my gut feelings about how to address a prospect; helping the customer through the self-discovery of what they really want and need.  The mid-week sessions inspire me to finish the week strong!”

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ZThree Performance Development is all about FREEDOM.

We help business leaders achieve "Freedom Through Results and Results Through Responsibility©."  Our clients are forward-thinking owners and executives who represent the Best of the Best.  The best in character, the best in commitment, and the best in Results.

We gain by helping executives attain the freedom to pursue their dreams.  This is accomplished by guiding them to understand and crystallize their Personal Vision, to grow their businesses, to improve their margins, to develop superior organizations, to recruit strong salespeople and to beat their competition.  We have a 100% Stake in the Outcome.  When our clients win, we win.

The principles and beliefs that govern our behavior are:

Integrity:  We make it a point to always do the right thing. We keep our commitments and we walk our talk.

Results:  By minimizing non-essential, trivial, and time-consuming activities in business and in life, one can focus quickly upon the IMPORTANT and attack it in a prioritized, efficient and straight-forward manner.

Personal Accountability:  We demand it from all of our stakeholders and assist our clients in making Personal Accountability one of their own Core Values.

Excellence:  We strive to constantly improve and demand the same from our clients. We work with two types of clients, those who are WINNERS and those who are committed to become WINNERS.

Fun: We believe that fun is a key ingredient to life. People who enjoy themselves will learn efficiently, be open to changes in behavior, experience reduced stress and be more successful.  We'll laugh at ourselves and laugh with you.

Profit: We are in business to make money (lots of it). We hope that you are, too.

Community Involvement/Helping Responsible People:  We continually re-invest our profits back into helping responsible adults and children improve their performance, thus improving all aspects of the community.  A rising tide floats all boats.