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Don Mooney, CEO

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"It has been a pleasure working with you. Your expensive but worth every penny!"

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Sales Evaluation

  • Are you hiring the very best salespeople for your organization?
  • Does your sales force have what it takes to exceed your goals?
  • Are you tolerating under-achievers?
  • Is your sales manager doing everything required to develop your sales force and grow your revenues?

Z/Three offers a wide variety of Sales Assessment Tools that provide crucial, timely, insightful and unique information that helps companies make more intelligent decisions to improve their sales organizations and development.

Evaluating Your Current Sales Force

Z/Three can help you evaluate your current salespeople.  The assessment results are designed to be read by your employees.  The evaluation reveals a detailed analysis of strengths and weaknesses, examples of how they may affect the salesperson's behavior, and specific directions regarding how to overcome weaknesses and erase blind-spots.

In order for training to be effective you must provide the right training to the right people. Z/Three evaluations suggest who to train, how much training to provide, the Return on Investment to expect.  They will also serve as a guide for selecting the required content and the appropriate expectations for growth.

Management Overview

The Management Overview is the single most important collection of information about your company's sales organization.  It combines your organization's individual Sales Force Evaluations into a complete Sales Upgrade Blueprint.  The Overview assesses your Sales Force holistically and reveals the hidden problems that are costing you money.  It is accompanied by an Executive Summary in both Visual and Audio format.  The Management Overview reveals which salespeople and managers will and will not succeed, along with specific actions to take to help each reach their potential.  You will learn who is trainable, how much training is required, and the specific training that each individual needs to accelerate their learning curve and results.  Quite simply, the Management Overview is a tool that a committed business owner can not afford to do without.

If you are attempting to transition your company from Good to Great, you'll learn which of your existing people should be on the bus and where they should sit.  You will also learn who should get off the bus.  

We also provide similar information for Professional Service Firms.  We help these firms identify those who are suitable for spending some of their time in new business development, those who may be future rainmakers and those who should not be asked to ever participate in business development. 

Here are just a few of the companies that use these assessments for screening and development